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DiscCool DVD to Video Converter
DiscCool DVD to Video Converter


See What Users Say About Our DiscCool DVD to Video Converter

The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


See what users say about our products: quickly and flawlessly.

"Just tried the program with a DVD of mine, and it worked quickly and flawlessly. If you want a fast, effective, and fairly user-friendly DVD-ripping solution, DiscCool DVD to Video Converter is the way to go."
- John Whittier


...a great piece of kit and so easy to use.

"After a bit of searching I came across your site and saw your DiscCool DVD to Video Converter. And I bet that it's the best ripping program I've used. After a few clicks I was converting and transferring my movies onto my device with great quality. A great piece of kit and so easy to use."
- James Tyrwhitt


...very good DVD ripping software.

"Very good software. I backup all my movies and since I work overseas I put them on an external and watch them after work. Generally Blue Ray is too large so I do AVI copy and I see no quality lost from the original DVD, which is absolutely what I want. By the way, I'm satisfied with the conversion speed, this is more important to me."
- Lancelot Lyon easy and affordable!

"Your product is indeed a GREAT one. I have used it many, many times and each time I use, I find it totally unbelievable how quick it is to use, how easy it is to record movies, and your technical support staff was "Johnny on the Spot" with an issue I had once, but, you guys came to the rescue. Thank you for making copies of DVD's so easy and affordable."
- Davy Scripps

DiscCool DVD to Video Converter